18 March 2012

Garden Surprise

Our lucky warm spell prompted me to prep one of our many garden beds earlier this week. 

trellises for peas

While pulling fall peas and kale, I found something:

a delicious surprise

the fall carrots that weren't ready before the ground froze were popping up.  I'm not crazy about scrubbing root vegetables, but I am so sick of canned/dehydrated/frozen vegetables that I happily dirtied my kitchen counter for something crunchy.

they clean up nicely
I diced them and whipped up a vinaigrette of red wine vinegar, honey, olive oil, and some scallions.  I've been growing scallions on my windowsill from the onions that were sprouting in the basement.  I know, it's almost too Pinterest-y for me.

nothing says 'I'm not 20 anymore' like putting onions on your windowsill

The evening we discovered our overwintered carrots, we enjoyed a deliciously crunchy carrot slaw.

my teeth were so happy to be in use again

The generous March weather was begging us to pull the Weber out of storage.  The next night we grilled the rest of the carrots with some scallions, olive oil, and kosher salt--a very nice accompaniment to grilled Italian sausage. 

a great 'between seasons' side dish

I didn't think I would ever be so excited about carrots.  Spring, we welcome you.

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