22 May 2012

Busy May

May is planting month.  We're busy.  Here's what's happening:

Nick planted asparagus crowns,

Asparagus crowns are quite the process.

cucumbers and string beans,

We're trying cucumber and bean tee pees this year.


Zucchini is planted in mounds.

and he built me this great raised planter for Mother's Day.

This is for partial-shade plants: spearmint, peppermint, onion chives, garlic chives, hyssop, lamb's ear.

He also put in sweet mace, dill, and a second planting of chard.

I've been working on beans, lots and lots of shell beans: garbanzo, Ireland Creek Annie, and Tiger's Eye. 

bean rows

Tilling the rows by hand takes forever.  Pulling out the grubs to give to the chickens takes even longer.  What I thought would be two days of work last Monday still is not finished.  To distract myself from the beans, I also put in two types of Italian parsley, cilantro, more beets and radish, black cumin, and tatsoi.

There's lots of weeding, watering, and organic pesticide tea for the larvae and creatures that are eating my peas and beet tops.

garlic-hot pepper concoction

Between planting and weeding and mulching and spraying and tilling and watering and collecting grubs, there is still some time for a few culinary projects.  My chives were in full blossom when I came across this recipe for chive blossom vinegar.  It was worth it if for the color alone.  I haven't tried it yet; it needs to infuse for at least several days longer.  It already smells oniony delicious.

chive blossom vinegar

Our overwintered swiss chard is in its prime.  I've been waiting all year to try Pitta con Verdura after seeing a beautiful picture of it in my favorite cookbook, My Calabria, by Rosetta Cosentino.  It's a simple pizza bread stuffed with chard and herbs, and it's going straight to the top of the spring recipe list.  So good.

whole pitta

in slices

I had to get a few arugula dishes in before it bolts.

perfect meal for one: arugula with olive oil and shaved parmagiano, good bread, sauvignon blanc
arugula, prosciutto, parmagiano pizza

There have been lots of rhubarb experiments.  This one is particularly good.

rhubarb gelato

Our garden options will soon expand.

romaine sprouts

onion sprouts


peas flowering and climbing

We also have a few fun summer additions to the yard.

My sister-in-law made me these awesome yard torches for Mother's Day.  Great addition for summer evenings.

hammock and swing

This is my favorite thing to see after getting a row or two of beans in.

view from hammock

back to planting . . .


  1. I am so pleased to have found this blog. A hobby farmer myself, I love watching someone else with the same passions.

    1. Thanks, Kristin! So glad we can connect. What do you farm?