10 May 2012

State of the 'Stead in Photos, May

The homesteading projects are a work in progress.  Here's what's happening:

The bees are busy in their new hive.

They have almost filled their first box.

The chickens will soon be out of the brooder box.

Cornish Cross

We are harvesting cool weather crops.

Sanguine Ameliore lettuce
standard arugula
The misticanza di radicchi, or mesclun mix, is starting to fill in.
The gourmet wild arugula has young, tender leaves.
Heads of Winter Density lettuce are coming up.

Marveille de Quatre Saison lettuce has become a standard in our cool weather garden.

The color of the Slobolt lettuce is fantastic.

first radish planting
Bull's Blood beets


Unfortunately, something has been eating our peas, so the trellises are still bare.  Hopefully we'll get some.  I've been looking forward to spicy pickled snap peas since last year.

The garlic we planted last fall is getting big.  We'll have scapes soon!

one of three garlic beds

We also have several surprises:

rogue onions that are going to seed the second season

Chives (I forgot about them)
The experimental wormwood overwintered to form a lovely absinthey hedge.

This very hardy Tango lettuce made it through the winter
along with a few spinach and chard plants.
The fall rutabaga (yellow flowers), black Spanish radish (pale purple flowers), and parsnip sprouted and bolted.

My main responsibility in the garden right now is mulching.

I have to turn this
into this.

In the process, I've found a few of these.

Moving on . . .

The rhubarb patch is productive.

We allowed one to go to seed.

The plants we started from seed will soon be ready to transplant.

a few seedlings

I'm spending less time down by the creek and more time in the garden, but on our most recent walk we found these brightly-colored wild columbines.

The outer petals are typically light pink, but these were vermilion.

May is a very busy planting month.  In the next several weeks all of our summer crops will be in.

Gardening is a spectator sport in our house.

It's a great time of year.  We have the whole summer ahead of us.  And for five minutes, I can sincerely believe that I'll have a nice, tidy, organized garden.

Site of future July jungle


  1. So exciting!!! Everything looks so beautiful! ...Is that a dead rat, though? Why would you put me through that? I had to stare and stare at it to figure out what it was, and then there was a series of violent shudders. UUUUGGGGGGHHH.

    1. Sorry! You could imagine how I felt when I almost grabbed it in a heap of mulch! so gross

  2. Everything looks beautiful. And I want some of that columbine!

    1. me too! I'm going to have to gather some seed