13 May 2012

To Mom

It's true.  Everything changes once you become a mother.  The shift in perspective is inescapable.  For me that means the cringing has just begun.  The glorious, abhorring, heartwarming, frightening confusion that is motherhood is a gift and a curse:  nothing is more wondrous than watching your child grow; nothing is more appalling than reflecting on your childhood behavior through the lens of a mother.  Upon becoming a parent, one learns how truly deficient language is.  How could we not have a single, graceful word that conveys thank you and I'm sorry at once?

I could thank my mother for many things from her strength to her talents, but in the spirit of this blog, thank you, Mother, for your gifts among many in the kitchen and garden:

Thank you for talking to plants.
Thank you for making my baby food.
Thank you for hot breakfasts every morning.
Thank you for homemade dinners every night.
Thank you for lavender lemonade, even though none of us drank it.
Thank you for baking with us.
Thank you for having a garden, even though we couldn't have cared less.
Thank you for cooking real food.
Thank you for lemon basil in our salad, even though we thought it tasted like Pledge.
Thank you for making us all eat the same dinner.
Thank you for drinking really good wine.
Thank you for your french toast.
Thank you for pasta puttanesca.  Really. Thank you.
Thank you for finding recipes you have to try.
Thank you for making dinner an event.
Thank you for putting strange things in your mouth, even if it's the occasional discarded olive pit.
Thank you for multiple meats.
Thank you for your unabashed love for flowers.  We always had the prettiest yard on the block.
Thank you for showing us the value of the gourmet restaurant and the dive.
Thank you for drinking beer.  I know that probably doesn't sound good, but I appreciate it.
Thank you for saying hello to the birds on the porch every morning in spring.
Thank you for making our kitchen island the most exciting place in the universe.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  I love you.

wild geranium


  1. Happy Mother's Day to my wildly talented first born. Thank you for the beautiful tribute. I'm very relieved you were able to survive my parenting!
    And you might try that lavender lemonade.... you might like it now! And please make Viv try a little, too. You'll really enjoy the reaction. I did!
    Love, Mom

  2. What a nice tribute to a wonderful Mom. She's right, you are wildly talented.

    After the birthday party at aunt's house Dawn told me about The Redneck Paisana and suggested that I read your material. As you know already from reading my blog comment, your writing skills really impressed me. It also inspired me to re-activate my brain power again and resulted in
    lots of ideas that I would like to talk to you about.

    I also have a book that talks about exactly what you are blogging about that I would like to give to you.

    So here's my question: Would you let me buy you and Nick dinner one evening somewhere around where you live and talk about some ideas to make money with your writing ability?

    I am planning on making a trip up north soon and want to set up several appointments, so I will be staying overnight somewhere and
    therefore having dinner with you guys would be great.

    Please let me know if you are willing and, if so, what would be a good day.

    I tried twice to send this to your Mom to be forwarded, but I don't know if I have the right email or if you are just not interested. If you are not interested I would at least like to mail you the book, but I would need a mailing address. Please send it to kaare@joecongo.com